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anyone can help a foster child. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year
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when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight at eight. police in oakland are looking for the suspects who opened fire on an s-u-v. and shot an eight- year- old girl.
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the shooting happened at about 2-30 today. on 65th aveneue. kron-4's reggie kumar is live at children's hospital in oakland tonight. with the latest on the childs' condition. and the search for the suspects. reggie? >> she is expected to survive >> reporter: let me show you the video of this scene from earlier. oakland investigators of the there was a car filled with several individuals it pulled into the driver or this black s u v was part and it started shooting. the girl was standing on the sidewalk in was hit by gunfire. she was not the intended target. oakland
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police chief howard jordan are trying to figure out a motive. >> we do not know how this started. we are looking to find out the suspects information. >> the authorities are still trying to find the suspects. reporting live in oakland, kron 4. >> new tonight at eight. a california state senator is proposing to create an early warning system. to help californians prepare for a major earthquake. kron- 4's scott rates explains how it would work. >> this berkeley seismology lab is the place where this individual is hoping that it will provide a warning system for civilians. >> we have been ready to do this. we've been testing this since 2007. >> it is not a matter of if
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the next one hits it is when. >> in southern california. there were formally announcing legislation for a comprehensive early warning systems. but how exactly would that work? the seismologists say it is quite easy they have been working on this for decades this goes on for miles. once that is detected they are able to use cellphones technology. >> the real challenges right on top of the earthquake. they say that out if he is hoping that this will become mainstream for
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funding efforts. scott rates, kron 4. >> pam: new tonight at eight. san francisco's mayor has floated the idea of making mission bay. area of the city. kron 4's charles clifford has details. this is a letter from san francisco mayor ed lee's office to the metropolitan transportation commission. in it the mayor suggests that as part of a long term redevelopment plan, the city should remove a portion of interstate 280 and alter the caltrains station along king street. let's take a look at a google earth map so i can show what we're talking about this is interstate 280 looking north towards downtown san francisco. what the mayor is proposing is demolitioning this section of 280 between 16th street and downtown and replacing it with a new ground level parkway. right now, this area, know as mission bay, is mostly industrial, but the mayor says if 280 were removed the land could be
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redeveloped into homes and businesses... basically creating a new neighborhood. now, this wouldn't be the first time this has happened in san francisco. the embarcadero freeway was demolished and replaced in 1991, and in 2005 a portion of the central freeway was removed to create the market octavia neighborhood. both of those changes have been seen as successes. another major component of redesign the existing caltrains station, seen here in orange, which sits along king street. the station currently covers about 20 acres and the mayors says that land would be more valuable if it were redeveloped. he doesn't want to remove the station completely because the railway is an integral part of the city's long term transportation plan. now, at this point, these are just ideas. the plan faces a long road of approvals by various agencies and the public. it's also not clear how this would affect long term efforts to bring california's new high speed rail system to san francisco. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> chevron is taking steps to reform its procedures, in hopes of avoiding another catastrophic explosion and fire. these pictures are from august. when a massive fire broke out at the company's refinery in richmond. kron 4's dan kerman has a look at the changes chevron
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is making. >> reporter: physical repairs take place procedural changes are also in the works. in an updated report to the hazardous materials the apartment if they hav hazardous materials attached apartment, the level of degradation rate would be analyzed. it is believed that erosion is to blame for the explosion that led to the fire. >> i think that it would make a difference. >> ran a story is the director of the hazardous material department. he says that chevron is also updating its policies and checklists to make sure that
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they have a historical data. when he got a wedding a leak whether or not to shut it down >> randy wsorry arrandy -- sawy that would've made a difference. >> reporter: at this point this would like to be done by the end of the month of march. . >> pam: highway patrol investigators are analyzing video. of a dangerous freeway stunt. that happened over the weekend in oakland. a bunch of cars parked along the freeway. watching other car drivers spinning out. as kron four's haaziq madyun reports. this video, and others, may help investigators catch the criminals. >> reporter: using these
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youtube the license platesthe makes the modelsfocusing on distinct features like these orange rims >> "right, we all know someone has seen those cars, orange rims i mean" >> reporter: chp sgt. diana mcdermott says that is what their investigators are zeroing in on as they try to catch drivers who took part in the recent 880-freeway sideshow >> "pretty much the videos stand for themselves, you can see license plate numbers, we're also gathering all of the facts in, there had to be 6, 7, 8 vehicles involved in this incident" >> reporter: in addition to video evidencechp investigators say people who were on the scene stuck in their vehicles watching while the sideshow took place can also play an important roll in catching those involved >> "absolutely, i mean descriptions of the drivers, what was unusual about them, that is all about just being a good witness" >> "they're all taking videos too" >> "good, the cops are going to want those videos" in oakland haaziq madyun
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kron4news >> more team coverage now. kron 4 tracked down a witness to the freeway sideshow -- who filmed the whole thing. she recounted the scary moments. to kron 4's terisa estacio. >> reporter: eye witness karen greigo says when she realized the smoke on the freeway was not an accident but a side show, she got scared. as the cars sped dangerously out of control. >> where you concerned someone was going to get hurt? i was concerned, that i was going to get hurt? i was fearful they were going to hit the wall and come over on our side. if they lost control, they would have crashed right into the crowd. greigo who didn't want to go on camera says she had her camera with her because she and a girlfriend had just returned from a sight seeing trip on treasure island. >> right in the middle of the afternoon, it was just crazy. we could hear sirens coming. >> reporter: greigo also says she is glad the chp is investigating
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>> i am glad, they can have my video and enhance. for families bad example, concerned they would copy them. >> jacqueline: a bit mild. the wind was dropping keeping-temperatures from temperatures dropping it is right now stall, stall 47 but 44 with 50s in a number of places. the current wind speeds at half moon bay. sustained winds, 10 m.p.h. in santa rosa, concord and a little lighter in fairfield. persistent winds and a some warmer conditions overnight but they could die down. the
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hills will be a different story. we will be breezy but on the chilly side. as we go for tomorrow sunny skies and a tad bit warmer. for wednesday and the rest of the week just how warm it is going to get. >> pam: still ahead at eight. the bi-partisan plan for immigration reform in the united states. the reaction to the proposed measures. >> the boy scouts of america reportedly considering a huge change to its admittance policy. who stands to benefit. >> the country in mourning. as investigators search for answers in that nightclub fire in brazil. which claimed more than 200 lives.
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>> more than 230 people are dead. after a fire swept through a nightclub in
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southern brazil. a civil defense official says, it happened after the insulation caught fire at kiss nightclub in santa maria. a pyro-technics show was underway when the fire started, but officials did not yet say that was what sparked the fire. smoke inhalation appears to be the cause of death for most of people who died. and nearly half of those killed were students from the nearby federal university. hundreds more people were injured. >> we're getting a better idea of the strategy being considered for immigration reform in this country a group of bi-partisan lawmakers revealed their plan today. it would affect roughly 11- million illegal immigrants in the u.s. fit if explains. it comes one day before the president's plan is announced. >> catherine: a group of senators got a jump on the president by laying out a point-by-point, bipartisan
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program for immigration reform the day before he unveils his long-awaited plan in las vegas. >> "we still have a long way to go but this bipartisan blueprint is a major breakthrough." it could be a big step after years of deep divisions between democrats and republicans. >> "we do not want immigration as a wedge issue, must rather, we want a bipartisan bill that solves the problem and becomes law." it would include four key provisions: a tough but fair path to citizenship for people now in this country illegally, after steps are taken to bolster border security. revamping the current legal immigration system, by, among other things,
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attaching green cards to advanced degrees in science, math, engineering and technology. penalizing employers who hire undocumented workers creating a guest worker program for jobs americans are unable or unwilling to fill. >> "it's not beneficial for our country to have these people here hidden in the shadows. lets create a system to bring them forward." >> catherine: despite the bipartisan effort, the proposal has its critics. conservative groups say it's an amnesty plan for undocumented immigrants. the white house is optimistic. >> "it's happening because a consensus is developing in the country, a bi-partisan consensus." >> catherine: the lawmakers hope the bill will pass the senate by late spring or summer. then it's on to the more conservative house. catherine heenan kron4 news. >> pam: congress has passed a 50- billion- dollar emergency relief measure for victims of superstorm sandy. the bill cleared the senate late this afternoon. and is now heading for president obama's desk. lawmakers from the northeast say, the money is
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desperately needed to help the region recover and rebuild from the storm. officials in hard-hit new york and new jersey say, tens of thousands of the white house is keeping up the pressure on congress to pass tough new gun laws. today, the president met with law enforcement leaders. those guests were were all from communities which have suffered from recent mass shootings. including police chiefs from aurora colorado. and new town, connecticut. the president says, he needs their help. and sounded optimistic. in the wake of the new-town shooting massacre. business has been booming at gun stores. that trend continues -- as background checks have reached their highest levels since 1998. gun shop owners say, the debate over tougher gun laws. is still resulting in semi- automatic rifles flying off shelves. >> the boy scouts of america is considering a dramatic
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change in policy on gay members.. at this point -- gay scouts and troop leaders are banned. but the group has been talking about changing that. it would be a big reversal - since it just reaffirmed its policy 6 months ago. under the change being considered - the different religious and civic groups that sponsor scout units themselves. there have been years of protests over the policy to ban gays.and some corporations have stopped donations. >> jacqueline: this blocking
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pattern which is high pressure offshore. we can see idaho, nevada. cold conditions but for us we will start to see warmer weather. take a look of our rainfall totals. to date just under 1 in.. as for take a look agree should be for this time of the month we are seeing under 5 in.. 3 in. where we should be in san francisco. certainly, we could use the rain but we're not going to get it. still chilly with 30's. 35 in santa rosa. into the afternoon close to what we saw with upper 50s and 60s
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for the south bay. 58 in concord, and coming up the latest at the latest and greatest in television. what is hot. >> what is going on in new orleans? and the warriors. tiger woods looking good.
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>> next at 8-30. the decision on where to send the man accused of a deadly mass shooting at a christian college in oakland. >> and. san francisco bars and restaurants go on the attack. after mayor ed lee suggests they hold off on the hard liquor for super sunday.
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>> jacqueline: they look at our heigh high temperatures we will continuee these high temperatures continuing your full forecast, coming up.
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. an eight year old girl is in the hospital tonight after being shot in an east oakland neighborhood. it happened at about 2-30 this afternoon. police say the girl was not the intended target. just caught in the crossfire of a drive by. the shooter is still at large. >> c-h-p investigators are hoping video posted on youtube will lead them to the drivers who were caught performing a dangerous stunt on an oakland freeway. drivers were caught performing a "sideshow". spinning their tires and making donuts. on interstate 880 near the
8:32 pm
coliseum over the weekend. the stunt backed up traffic. and investigators are asking witnesses to come forward. >> a state senator is pushing for legistlation to create an early warning systems for californian's ahead of a major earthquake. the technology would detect the first pulses of energy from an earthquake, estimate its magnitude. and send alerts before damaging seismic waves spread widely. the warning would only be a few seconds. but give people enough time to take cover. the man accused of killing seven people at oikos university in oakland is getting sent to a psychiatric hospital. >> a judge ordered 44-year- old one goh to be transferred from jail to napa hospital for psychiatric treatment doctors will attempt to restore his mental competence so he can stand trial. two psychiatric evaluations said tha schizophrenia and is incompetent to stand trial psychiatrists will deliver a report to the judge on goh's progress in 90 days. one of the three people who died in a crash on highway- 92 in foster city last night. has
8:33 pm
been identified. the c-h-p says, the driver, 21-year-old juan carlos hernandez, hit the guardrail, flipped over and crashed his car into a utility pole. just before 10oclock last night. it happened near the foster city boulevard exit. another passenger was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. and is in critical condition. police say, others suffered minor injuries. investigators are looking into whether drugs or alcohol led to the crash. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ i80 fatal id-take vo a santa clara man killed in a crash on highway 80 in el cerrito sunday night is identified. 47-year-old martin gutierrez died after the driver swerved left into on coming traffic and lost control of the car and crashed. gutierrez was thrown out from the car. the crash happened just before nine near the cutting boulevard off-ramp.
8:34 pm
the driver and two other passengers suffered only minor injuries. police say it is unclear if gutierrez was wearing a seat belt. firefighters make short work of a 2- alarm blaze early today at a home in mountain view. this was the scene on spring street about 10 this morning,. as smoke poured from the attic and garage where the fire is thought to have begun. fire officials reported that one occupant suffered minor injuries. escaping the home. the official cause of the fire remains under investigation although the owner tells kron 4, she thinks it was sparked by some faulty wiring. neighbors brought blankets and clothing for the family, which is now staying with relatives. >> with just one week before the super bowl,the suggestion by the mayor of san francisco that businesses not to sell hard alcohol during the restaurant owners on the offensive. kron 4's maureen kelly explains. >> reporter: the idea that watering holes should only and winebut not spirts during the big game is being called ridiculous
8:35 pm
and unneccesary by the american beverage institutea dc based trade group that represents restaurants.. in a statement monday they wrote our restaurant members require servers to undergo specific alcohol training to prevent the over-serving of intoxicated customers.instead of banning or restricting sales, the city of san francisco should focus on promoting responsible drinking among its residents. >> i am trying to start a conversataion that people about social responsibility the mayor - who has stopped >> reporter: short of calling for a citywide ban.says that celebrations that go out of control like the one that happened after the giants won the world serieswhere bonfires and vandalism were rampant. hurt the communityand that both those who drink and those who serve need to be mindful about that. josh bluewho manages a mission street bar that was covered in graphiti after the world series victory finds the mayor's proposal to be a bit arbitrary. >> it is not what usurp it is how much you serve. >> reporter: but they say they do plan to be extra aware while serving their patrons on stay on the safe side >> it is not--user -- id is
8:36 pm
how much you serve, alcohol has the same impact. is not why did you serve, it is how much you serve. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam: 49ers fans can be found throughout the bay area and beyond but one place is relishing the teams success this year in particular -- santa clara. some fans there say santa clara is fast-becoming the team's one true home. kron 4's rob fladeboe has more on the spreading 49ers fever. >> reporter: meet leroy afanador, a longtime 49er fan bursting with pride that both he and his beloved 49ers have something in common these days, namely, their hometown. >> goal 49ers, go colin kaepernick, that is where everything i see, go 49ers. >> reporter: now, not everybody see's it that way, at least not yet. a sign here outside the 49ers new stadium says the billion- dollar project is the future home of the san
8:37 pm
francisco 49ers. but former city councilman kevin moore, who helped land the stadium by writing to the 49ers' >> people are seeing the funding that is supporting the infrastructure >> reporter: john york ten years ago, would beg to differ. at signore's pizza parlor in downtown santa clara, it's walls filled with autographed pictures of past and present players who often >> i have been a 49ers fan and i love it. >> is right down the street. >> reporter: dine here, fans root for what they like to call the home team. many fans here consider the publicity surrounding the 49ers and their new home a down payment on the city's investment. leroy afandor is dreaming of the day when he'll ride his bike to 49ers games and just maybe, to the super bowl, right here in
8:38 pm
his hometown. in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> pam: and stay with kron-4 for live coverage of super bowl week from new orleans. kron-4's j-r stone and will tran will be in the big easy with all the fun events leading up to the big game. you can always get updates on our web site. kron-4- dot-com. and on our facebook and twitter pages. >> jacqueline: we enjoyed slightly warmer conditions. it did feel cooler than it actually was. high fifties and the most part. oakland, napa and vallejo temperatures are a bit slower to cool. the move wind is cooling. temperatures in the teens. also, freezing conditions we are going to see chilly conditions, overnight. chile also but it is going to be breezy in some locations. for the afternoon, a bit
8:39 pm
warmer we are going to see even some warmer conditions and your extended forecast. >> iran's defense minister says his country has taken a big step towards sending astronauts in space by 2020. by successfully launching a monkey into sub-orbital flight. iran's launch of a monkey in space goes back to and return of a monkey in space is part of a long tradition iran joins 5 other countries who have flown animals into space. the u-s state department says it can't confirm the monkey's voyage. but says it does worry that the launch has something to do with iran developing long range ballistic missiles. >> a close call for a motorcyclist in eastern china is all caught on video. take a look. you can see a tractor trailer tip onto its side as it was making a turn at an intersection. on the other side of that trailer. is a man on a motorcycle. waiting at a red light. he was able to scoot back. and jump off his bike at the last second. narrowly avoiding being crushed. no one was reported hurt in the crash.
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>> now for today's market update. stocks take a step back. after last week's strong rally that pushed the s-and- p-500 above 15-hundred for the first time in more than five -years. on wall street today the dow dropped 14-points. the nasdaq made a small gain. picking up four - points. and the s-and-p 500 lost 2- points. to close at 15- hundred even. >> lamborghini unveiled its
8:43 pm
new aventador lp 700-4 roadster in dramatic fashion in miami today drivers raced a dozen of the new sports cars on a runway at miami international airport, driving at speeds more than 180 miles-per- hour. that speed doesn't come cheap however. in the u-s, you can expect to pay more than 445- thousand dollars to own one. and that price includes about 37-hundred dollars in delivery and fees. >> will of 49 years, alex smith smith -- and also, the latest with super bowl and gary radnich.
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8:45 pm
>> pam: the man behind the manti te'o fake girlfriend hoax is breaking his silence. he will be giving his first televised interview to doctor phil. ronaiah tuiasosopo sits down down with doctor phil for a tell-all interview about the hoax that duped
8:46 pm
the notre dame football star. it will air in two parts. and you can watch them both right here on kron-4. four. part two airs friday at four. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> everyone has been talking about what happened on interstate 880 when some people abused their driving privileges with these sideshoe antics but i'm starting to think it must have been national sideshow month in oakland because courtesy of youtube look what i found background chatter: what you got what you got lets go daddy o show me what you got this brown mustang did donuts for what amounted to just over 30 seconds in east oakland the video was dated january 27 this video was you are looking at now is dated january 12 2013 and it featured not one but multiple drivers doing
8:47 pm
donuts in one video they bragged that the sideshow had been going on for more than one hour i have done numerous segments regarding people in different parts of the east bay posting these sideshows in some case the people burn their logos into the video hoping they can generate publicity for these events i keep hearing people say that we should give them a venue so they can have a place to this legally to me that's like rewarding them for bad behavior these are planned events they just don't happen by accident often they are posted in advance on car club forums i use to be in a car club i was the president of lincolns of distictions and we never violated the law when we rode it's called respect for our fellow drivers something you don't see in any of these video's in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news >> jacqueline: it is going to continue to be very similar. perhaps a few degrees warmer but even warmer on wednesday, thursday with temperatures
8:48 pm
will see upper 60s. the satellite and radar are streaming and also the smell over reno. this area of is offshore. it will be near this area of high pressure. through washington, oregon, idaho and also reno. dry conditions. some chilly mornings. and we will see 30's and '40's for most of the bay area. for the north bay, that delta, and the south bay we will see 40's and '50's. widespread for tomorrow. and temperatures will cool to the 40's. let
8:49 pm
us take a look in your morning lows. 30's in napa, pleasanton and upper 30's for the selsouth bay potential be in the upper 50s for tomorrow afternoon cupertino, and evergreen. for the in the valleys, a mixture in fairfield, concord, livermore. near the coast. 50s in ocean beach. 60s in santa rosa. they look at your extended forecast with very similar disease specialists temperatures in the low mid-60s. we will cool it right back down. with a slight chance of showers on monday. (music) >> gary: good evening, everybody. and it has been
8:50 pm
in 19 years on a sunday, the orleans superdome of super bowl 47 will be doing it for the 10th time. tied to miami for the most hosted super bowls, the new orleans insuperable. if you do not mind the odor of smell of urine and beer... [laughter] there are no camcorders as you can see. colin kaepernick. still, the toast of the town and now, the coach when yen the the reason president obama segment and, the senate if
8:51 pm
he had a son, he would not want his son to play football. >> i do not want my son--to not believe he did not want to however, it would be less competition if their work is not the son of barack obama that did not want to play football lot >> and i would always say, from colin kaepernick that anything it nervousness would be from lack of being prepared but that would not be the case. >> gary: randy moss is also planning on playing next season. this alex smith he wants to be released. the
8:52 pm
49ers are playing him 8.5 million. >> alex, is really being right there on the side that speaks volumes. if he does not want to state, then you could ripple to treat him. >> gary: jacqueline. >> if you wanted to -- trade him. and you can smell bourbon street. >> jacqueline: i have never been a tuber bradstreet.
8:53 pm
>> gary: it i have never been dashed to the orleans- jacqueline. if >> jacqueline: i've never been to the orleans. i've never been to bourbon street. his >> gary: into half, you know that it has a distinctive odor lla lr.. perhaps it is the other way around. did i ever say to you jacqueline, that i've made you know i can please you laugthe 49ers have all voted down their team captain for their team m v p and it is adlen smith by the
8:54 pm
players and coaches and the defensive player, particularly the tyounger one the mvp the title named by the late and great walsh and look the suits and the airport in new orleans...and john... >> i am not going to crack your going to get the same answer. how long are you going to last? and i think
8:55 pm
that my brother, will be fine. >> gary: re the was i love this story. rayles ray lewis sacking harbough... >> how could i forget it. you are just running around and i was running around making plays. i remember that after i'd sacked him i got up and it did a dance. and also his teammates. it is been a long time. >> we have encouraging news from the warriors. j. r. stone, strippable station, next. super bowl station
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114-102.... a great performance from the warriors. good night.
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